Rent Reduction Under Los Angeles Rent Control Due to Reduction in Housing Services – RAC Regulation 410.00

Under the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance (rent control), landlords who reduce housing services to a tenant during a tenancy that were available at the time of the rental (for example, laundry facilities, a swimming pool, janitorial service, or a parking space) must also reduce the monthly rent charged to a tenant. The rent reduction under Los Angeles rent control is used to compensate tenants for the diminished value of their units due to reduced housing services. The rationale is that reducing services, without a corresponding reduction in rent, would amount to an illegal rent increase under Los Angeles Rent Control.

To determine the appropriate amount of rent decrease, the Los Angeles Housing Department will consider several factors as outlined in RAC Regulations Section 413.01, 413.02, 413.03, 413.04, and 413.05 (below).

Suggested deductions based on various housing services, such as laundry services, A/C, elevator, parking, and many others, are outlined in RAC Regulations Section 414.02 (below).

Note that these rules apply only to units that are subject to Los Angeles rent control. These rules do NOT apply to units that are exempt from Los Angeles rent control.

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Rent Reduction Los Angeles Rent Control

Rent Reduction Los Angeles Rent Control

Rent Reduction Los Angeles Rent ControlRent Reduction Los Angeles Rent Control


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