Revised Written Estimate for Household Goods Movers


The revised written estimate for household goods movers is an optional document, but a very important one.

Moving companies that transport household goods across state lines are required by federal regulations to issue certain documents on every move that they do.  The Bill of Lading is one such document.  There are several optional documents, such as the revised written estimate, that, while not required to be issued to customers, should be readily available to give to customers.  Interstate household goods moving companies are highly encouraged to have revised written estimates standing by in case they are needed on a particular move.

A revised written estimate will be used if, on the day of the move, the customer decides to ship additional items than what was included in the original estimate with the interstate mover.

Basically, if the customer is shipping additional items than what had originally been estimated, the moving company has a few options available:

  1. The moving company can decide not to do the move.
  2. The moving company can decide to only ship the items that were listed on the original estimate if the customer agrees.
  3. The moving company can ship the additional items and not charge the customer for these items.
  4. The moving company can ship the additional items and bill the customer after 30 days.
  5. The moving company can have the customer sign a revised written estimate, prior to packing or loading the truck, that includes the additional items.  This revised written estimate effectively cancels the original moving estimate and replaces it with the revised written estimate.  The moving company can then charge the customer and require the payment prior to unloading at delivery.
Moving companies that want to be able to charge for the additional items without delay should prepare a revised written estimate and have the customer sign it before beginning to load or pack the truck.
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