San Francisco Landlord Rights Regarding Evictions

San Francisco landlords have rights against their tenants. However, the San Francisco landlord’s rights are limited due to the extremely high amount of San Francisco tenant rights. San Francisco landlords need to be cautious and make sure that they follow the landlord/tenant rules properly from the beginning. San Francisco landlords should also exercise diligence during the tenant selection process. San Francisco landlord rights and best practices include, but are not limited to:

  1. Get everything in writing.
  2. Do a prior eviction check and background check on prospective San Francisco tenants.
  3. San Francisco landlords should have the tenant complete a detailed rental application.
  4. San Francisco landlords have the right to be paid the rent on time.
  5. San Francisco landlords have the right to ensure that the tenant maintains the property in a good condition, and provides ways to remove the tenant from the property if the tenant damages the property.
  6. San Francisco landlords should require tenants to fill out a “repair request form” when repairs are needed. Blank forms should be kept in a place where the tenant can find them. San Francisco landlords should keep receipts of any repairs made.
  7. San Francisco landlords should NOT allow tenants to make their own repairs.
  8. San Francisco landlords should conduct a walk-through before the tenant moves in, and prior to the tenant moving. The San Francisco landlord should have the tenant sign off on the condition of the property (this is sometimes referred to as a move-in and move-out inspection).

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