Setting an Unlawful Detainer Eviction for Trial in California


Unlawful detainer eviction cases are entitled to preference in the California court system. This means that unlawful detainer cases go faster than most other types of civil court cases. The process is still not fast, especially in light of future cuts and consolations in courts such as the Los Angeles Superior Court (discussed in an earlier post).

By law, unlawful detainer eviction cases in California are required to be set (scheduled) no later than the 20th day after a request for trial is submitted. A landlord can submit the request for trial as soon as an Answer is received. The 20 day time frame can be extended if:

  • The parties agree to extend the trial date
  • For another reason, only if the court finds in a hearing that the landlord is likely to prevail, and the tenant deposits with the court the damages that the landlord would suffer from the extension.

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