Southern California 3 Day Notice Reasons


Before filing an eviction in California, the landlord must first serve a termination notice on the tenant.  One of the most popular termination notices is the 3 day notice.  The proper reasons for serving a 3 day notice in California include the following:

1. The rent is past due and the tenant remains in possession of the California property;

2. The California tenant is served a 3 day notice for violation of a term of the rental agreement;

3. If the California tenant sublets, assigns, commits waste, creates a nuisance, or uses the property for an illegal purpose.

Note: The California landlord and tenant cannot contract for less than 3 day notice.  A 3 day notice is the least amount of notice required to be given to a tenant who is in breach.  However, LONGER than 3 day notice is allowed if the parties agree to a longer notice period in writing.

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