Tenant Bankruptcy Will Delay an Eviction Unlawful Detainer Case in Los Angeles

Eviction Delays

Your tenant stops paying the rent. In response, you file an Unlawful Detainer case against the tenant. The tenant files an Answer. Right before trial, the tenant files for bankruptcy. Does this chain of events sound familiar? It is happening frequently in and around Los Angeles, causing delays to the tenant unlawful detainer eviction case.

Los Angeles landlords are increasingly having to deal with eviction delays caused by tenant bankruptcies. Many times, a tenant files an “Answer” in an eviction case simply to delay the case, knowing very well that the tenant has no defense. When the tenant exhausts all available delay tactics in the Los Angeles eviction case, a tenant may resort to filing a bankruptcy.

If a Los Angeles tenant files for bankruptcy, in most cases it will automatically delay the eviction case. There is usually nothing a landlord can do other than spend more time and money going to bankruptcy court to try and remove the delay caused by the bankruptcy.

The Law Office of David Piotrowski vigorously represents landlords throughout the eviction process. If your tenant files for bankruptcy to delay the eviction, we can immediately petition the bankruptcy court to remove the delay. We will fight for the landlord to regain possession of the property as quickly as possible.

The Law Office of David Piotrowski represents landlords throughout southern California and can assist with a tenant eviction.

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