Tenant Eviction in Santa Clarita, Valencia, and the SCV

Santa Clarita Eviction Attorney

Tenant Eviction in Santa Clarita

Tenant Eviction in Santa Clarita

Landlords needing to begin a tenant eviction in Santa Clarita, Valencia, Newhall, Castaic, Saugus, Canyon Country, and the rest of the SCV need look no further for a local 5 star tenant eviction lawyer. We have been assisting landlords in the SCV since 2004, and we would like to assist you, too!

The Cause of a Tenant Eviction Case in Santa Clarita

A tenant eviction in Santa Clarita and the surrounding communities is typically the result of the tenant doing something (or failing to do something) that is required under the terms of the rental agreement. Common examples leading to a tenant eviction in Santa Clarita include the tenant failing to pay the rent when due, the tenant having pets at the property when the lease says no pets, or the tenant smoking when the lease prohibits smoking.

Other times, the Santa Clarita eviction is not due to the the tenant violating the agreement, but rather the landlord may need the property back for his or her own use or simply no longer wishes to rent the property to the tenant. A landlord may terminate a month-to-month tenancy in Santa Clarita for any reason, so long as the underlying motive is not retaliatory or discriminatory.

Each Tenant Eviction in Santa Clarita is Different

The above examples can be categorized into two basic areas: the first can be considered a  tenant “at-fault” eviction, and the second can be considered a tenant “no-fault” eviction. An at-fault eviction is an eviction that is the result of something the tenant did or did not do . The tenant is being evicted due to their “fault.” A no-fault eviction is when the tenant hasn’t done anything wrong, but the landlord wants to regain possession for another reason.

This law firm has extensive experience with both types of tenant evictions in Santa Clarita, and we would be happy to discuss your tenant eviction case in detail with you through a free, no-obligation consultation. When you are ready to begin a tenant eviction in Santa Clarita or the greater SCV, please contact us to discuss your tenant eviction case through a free consultation.

Ready to Begin the Tenant Eviction?

We represent landlords only with eviction cases. We are local to the SCV and we will work hard to make the tenant eviction in Santa Clarita go as quickly and stress-free as possible for you. We understand that the eviction process can be stressful and emotional for both the landlord and the tenant.

Be sure to check out our reviews! We look forward to serving you with your tenant eviction in Santa Clarita. We offer a free consultation on most cases for SCV landlords.

Santa Clarita Evictions

Generally speaking, an eviction in Santa Clarita and the greather Santa Clarita Valley is handled out of the Chatsworth courthouse in 2019. Some evictions may take place in Lancaster, however. In the past, evictions in Santa Clarita took place at the Valencia courthouse, and then at the Pasadena courthouse. Now, though, Santa Clarita evictions take place out of the Chatsworth courthouse.

Landlords can expect a Santa Clarita eviction to take anywhere from 5-7 weeks if the case is uncontested by the tenant, or 2-3 months if the case is contested. Please note that these are average time frames only, and each case is different and provides a unique set of facts that may alter the time it actually takes to evict the tenant. Occasionally, tenants may attempt to delay the case. We can oftentimes counter this by taking swift action to speed up the case. If you need help with evicting a tenant, give us a call and we will do our best to assist you.

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