Tenant’s Response to an Unlawful Detainer in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Sometimes, the landlord/tenant relationship goes sour and the landlord must act to remove the tenant from the property. The purpose of this blog post is to summarize how a tenant may respond to the landlord’s unlawful detainer complaint in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Unlawful detainer (evictions) in Los Angeles and San Francisco are summary proceedings, meaning they generally move much faster than most other types of court actions (many clients, however, think they still don’t move fast enough!). Because of the summary nature of the proceedings, tenants are limited in how they can respond. Tenants may only respond to an unlawful detainer by filing certain motions, demurrers, denials, and affirmative defenses. A tenant may NOT file a cross-complaint.

Landlords must be aware of the tenant’s permissible responses to an unlawful detainer action, and the Los Angeles and San Francisco landlord must be ready to oppose any unlawful tenant response.

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