The LA County Eviction Moratorium is Ending!

LA county eviction moratorium is ending

As it looks right now, the LA county eviction moratorium will end on March 31, 2023.

On March 21, 2023, the LA County Board of Supervisors failed to extend the eviction moratorium. This means the LA county eviction moratorium will end on March 31, 2023. Two LA county Supervisors, Lindsey Horvath and Hilda Solis, tried extremely hard to pass extended COVID-era tenant protections that would have lasted through March 2024. Thankfully, common sense prevailed and the Board of Supervisors ultimately rejected this ill-conceived extension. Unless new rules are passed within the next few days, the LA county eviction moratorium will end at the end of this month. Hallelujah to landlords!

The Los Angeles County Eviction Moratorium is Ending on March 31, 2023

The county of LA has had some version of an eviction moratorium in effect since early 2020. The most recent version of the COVID-era tenant protections came into effect in January 2023 and were put in place until March 31, 2023. These tenant protections will be coming to an end on March 31, 2023, because the Board of Supervisors was unable to pass a motion to extend the moratorium further.

But there may still be other restrictions limiting the landlord’s ability to remove a tenant from a rental property.

Does Your Local Jurisdiction Have Tenant Protections?

If your rental property falls within a jurisdiction that has tenant protections that exceed statewide landlord/tenant law, you’ll still be subject to those rules. One of the biggest examples of this is the new LA city tenant protections. Other cities also have tenant protections. Some examples include Pasadena, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Ana, Oxnard, Bell Gardens, Santa Monica, unincorporated LA county, and others. One of the first things a landlord should do is determine if there are any local tenant laws that apply.

Does AB1482 Apply to Your Rental?

Back in 2019, the State of California enacted statewide tenant protection laws known as AB1482. AB1482 is codified in Civil Code 1946.2 and Civil Code 1947.12. There are several exemptions to AB1482. If your property is subject to AB1482, you’ll still need a just-cause reason to evict a tenant.

If Your Local Jurisdiction Does Not Have Tenant Protections and if You are Exempt from AB1482

Starting April 1, 2023, landlords will finally have their property rights back! We have spoken with so many property owners who simply want to move back in to their home or have a desire to sell the property vacant and who want to terminate the tenancy for many valid reasons but have been unable to do so either because they don’t want to pay high relocation money to the tenant or because the landlord simply cannot fit into one of the “allowable” reasons for eviction that the county of Los Angeles arbitrarily imposed on property owners since COVID began in 2020.

Beginning in April 2023, so long as the local jurisdiction has no tenant protections that would forbid this, and so long as the rental property is exempt from AB1482, landlords will (FINALLY) be able evict their tenants and will not be forced to fit the reason for the eviction into one of the “allowable” just cause reasons. Landlords will once again be able to simply give their tenant a valid 30/60 day notice to terminate the tenancy and need not include a just-cause reason.

Video Discussing the End of the LA County Eviction Moratorium

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