Three (3) Day Notice to Pay Rent or Move Not Enough to Restore Possession to the Landlord in Los Angeles

The first step in terminating a tenancy in Los Angeles due to non-payment of rent is to create and properly serve a “3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Move” on the tenant. However, merely creating and serving the 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Move is not enough to restore legal possession to the landlord.

If the tenant does not pay the rent during the 3 day notice period, then the tenant’s legal right to possession is terminated at the expiration of the 3 day notice. However, the landlord cannot simply kick the tenant out and change the locks. The landlord can only regain possession after the tenant voluntarily moves, or after the landlord wins a court eviction case. My law office assists landlords with evicting non-paying tenants throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Contact the Law Office of David Piotrowski today for rates and more information.

On the same token, just because the 3 day notice period as stated in the 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Move has elapsed, does NOT mean the tenant can stop honoring the terms of the rental agreement. Absent an agreement or in only rare circumstances, the tenant is responsible for the rental obligations for as long as the tenant remains in possession of the rental property.

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