UD-100 Eviction Help for Los Angeles and Ventura Landlords

We are a full service law firm assisting landlords with UD-100 “Complaint – Unlawful Detainer” forms. Form UD-100 is the initial complaint form filed by Los Angeles and Ventura county landlords in order to begin an unlawful detainer eviction case. Landlords will file UD-100 Unlawful Detainer Complaint at the proper courthouse along with other initial pleading documents.

Unlawful detainer form UD-100 (the eviction “complaint”) is a 3 page form. It is crucial that landlords fill out UD-100 – the unlawful detainer complaint – properly. An incorrect UD-100 may cause the landlord to lose his or her eviction case and have to start the process over again. This would not only cause a substantial delay in removing the tenant, but would also result in additional fees.

On the UD-100 unlaful detainer complaint form, the landlord will specify the terms of the rental agreement and will specify the reason for the eviction. It outlines to the court why the landlord wants to evict the tenant. Again, it is imperative that the form be filled out correctly.

Here’s a sample of what form UD-100 looks like:

UD-100 Unlawful Detainer California

Contact a Los Angeles and Ventura eviction lawyer today.  Start the process of removing your tenant. We represent landlords only. We can be reached at (877) 875-6958. If you do not want full representation, we can assist you with just filling out your UD-100 form and helping make sure your UD-100 unlawful detainer complaint is completed correctly to save you time and money.

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