UD-150 Unlawful Detainer Form in Los Angeles County


UD-150 is a form used in Los Angeles when a landlord / plaintiff wants to request a trial in an unlawful detainer case. The form UD-150 is usually used after a tenant / defendant files an Answer to the landlord’s Complaint. The UD-150 is called the “Request to Set Case for Trial – Unlawful Detainer.” While UD-150 is primarily used by landlords to request a trial date for a contested eviction case, a UD-150 can also be used in Los Angeles by a tenant to submit a “Counter Request To Set Case for Trial.”

Form UD-150 in Los Angeles requires the party to fill out information about the unlawful detainer trial including the estimated length of 4the trial, whether or not possession of the rental property is still in issue, and other information.

Plaintiffs / Landlords that need to file UD-150 and request a trial in an eviction case are encouraged to obtain legal counsel.

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