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Ventura County Lawyer for Landlord

The Law Office of David Piotrowski is a law firm representing landlords only in Ventura county. We do not represent tenants. We have a stellar reputation of success evicting tenants in Ventura county, and we would like the opportunity to evict your Ventura tenant.

It’s easy to find lawyers who represent tenants. Generally speaking, California is a liberal state and the laws favor tenants. The goal of our law firm is to even the playing field as much as possible. We are a law firm for landlords in Ventura, and we can assist with many different types of Ventura evictions.

Reasons for Evicting a Ventura Tenant

Some common reasons for needing a landlord attorney in Ventura include:

  • Non-payment of rent. This type of eviction would be based on CCP 1161(2) and is the type of eviction needed when a Ventura tenant stops paying rent.
  • Violating the rental agreement. This type of  Ventura eviction under CCP 1161(3) is needed when the tenant is breaking other terms of the lease, such as smoking or having pets when the lease prohibits such things.
  • Causing a nuisance or damaging the property. This Ventura eviction type is based on CCP 1161(4) and is sometimes considered the most severe type of eviction because a Ventura eviction based on CCP 1161(4) does not give the tenant an opportunity to fix the violation, whereas a CCP 1161(2) and CCP 1161(3) eviction gives the tenant an opportunity to fix the problem.

Get More Information on Ventura Landlord Eviction Services

Visit our law firm page on Ventura evictions. We hope you give us the opportunity to assist with your Ventura eviction.

Ready to Begin the Tenant Eviction?

We represent landlords only with eviction cases. We will work hard to make the tenant eviction in Ventura county go as quickly and stress-free as possible for you, the landlord.

Be sure to check out the Law Office of David Piotrowski reviews! We look forward to serving you with your tenant eviction in Ventura County. We offer a free consultation on most cases for Ventura eviction cases.

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