Ventura County Eviction Attorney During COVID

Evictions in Ventura county are permitted to move forward! While COVID placed many restrictions on evictions, most of those restrictions have expired in Ventura county. Do you need to evict your Ventura tenant?

Did Your Tenant Stop Paying Rent in Ventura County?

If your tenant stopped paying rent in Ventura county, we may be able to assist with an eviction. Due to many restraints, including COVID rules, if you want us to assist with your non-payment eviction case in Spring 2022, we will likely be demanding only April 2022 rent or beyond. We will not be demanding rent prior to April 2022, even if your tenant owes this money to you. This does not mean that you will never recover pre-April 2022 rent, but it means that we would not be demanding it in the Ventura unlawful detainer (eviction) case. If you have a tenant who hasn’t been paying rent in Ventura county and you’re ready to take the steps necessary to evict, reach out to us today. The first step is to schedule a call with us to discuss your options.

Is Your Tenant Violating a Material Term of the Rental Agreement?

This type of Ventura tenant eviction occurs when the tenant is violating a material term of the rental agreement. Examples of this type of Ventura eviction is if your tenant is smoking in violation of the rental agreement, or if the tenant has pets when the lease forbids it. We begin with a 3 day notice to “cure” the violation, and if the tenant fails to cure the violation within 3 days, we would then file the Ventura eviction case at the courthouse.

No-Fault Evictions in Ventura County

Perhaps your Ventura county tenant is not doing anything wrong, but you need the tenant to vacate for another reason. This is often referred to as a no-fault eviction. We may be able to assist with a no-fault eviction to remove your Ventura county tenant from your rental unit, subject to any local restrictions or state law limitations.

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Still Have Questions?

Landlords can schedule a consultation with us to discuss specific questions and situations relating to evictions in Ventura County. You can also learn about the eviction process.


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