What does the California Tenant Need to Do After Receiving a 3 Day Notice?

After receiving a 3 day notice, a California tenant can:

  • Do what the notice asks within the time allowed,
  • Not do what the notice asks, or
  • Try to reach an agreement with the California landlord.

If the tenant does not do what the notice asks, the California landlord can file an eviction case in court to evict the tenant and collect back rent.  If the tenant does what the notice requires (like pay the back rent in full), then the landlord cannot file an eviction case.

If the California landlord does not wait until the notice period runs out to file the eviction case in court, the tenant can ask the court to dismiss the case.

To count the days in the notice period:

  • The first day is the day after the notice is served.
  • Then count every day on the calendar, including weekends and holidays.
  • If the last day of the notice period falls on a holiday or weekend, then the notice period ends the next work day.

If the California landlord does not serve the notice in person and has to mail a second copy, the notice period starts running the day after he or she mails the notice.

The Law Office of David Piotrowski represents California landlords and can assist the landlord with preparing and serving a 3 day notice and representing the landlord through the eviction process.

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