Why Los Angeles Landlords Should Serve a “3 Day Notice” Immediately After Rent is Late

One reason why potential clients approach my firm is because their Los Angeles or Ventura county tenant stopped paying the rent.  One of the first questions I ask the tenant is, “How long has the tenant not paid the rent?”  Too often, the response is 2+ months.  I’ve even had cases in which case the tenant has not paid the rent for over a year.

Los Angeles landlords should serve the “3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit” immediately after the rent is late.  Los Angeles landlords should not wait even a few days to serve the 3 Day Notice.

Think about it this way: If you charge $1,500 per month, that equates to $50 per day in rent.  In a majority of eviction cases, the landlord is not going to recover the money, simply because if the tenant had the money to pay, then they probably would have paid their rent.  The primary goal of the Los Angeles or Ventura eviction is to remove the non-paying tenant as quickly as possible.  Los Angeles and Ventura county evictions take time.  It make financial sense for the Los Angeles and Ventura landlord to begin the eviction process immediately after the rent is late.  Therefore, Los Angeles landlords should serve a “3 Day Notice” immediately after rent is late.

My firm can create and serve the 3 day notice for you.  If you are confident that you can fill out the 3 day notice and serve it yourself, then we also offer a 3 day notice template available for download.

The Law Office of David Piotrowski represents landlords throughout southern California and can assist with a tenant eviction.

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