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Need a Burbank eviction attorney to help you in evicting your Burbank tenant?  This law office assists landlords only in Burbank eviction cases. We will guide you through the Burbank eviction process and assist you in removing your tenant. The Law Office of David Piotrowski represent landlords in both residential evictions and commercial evictions throughout Burbank and surrounding communities including the entire San Fernando Valley.


Let us help you with your Burbank tenant eviction. Please note that if you are a Burbank tenant, we cannot assist you, since we only represent landlords with Burbank tenant eviction cases.

  • Termination Notice

  • $250Flat Fee
    • We will draft and create your termination notice against your tenant in Burbank (i.e. 3 day, 30 day, 60 day notice).
    • We will determine the best type of notice based on your needs and the facts of your case.
    • Our professional process server, who is local to the Valley and knows the area well, will serve it on your SFV tenant (usually the same day or next business day).

  • Non-Disputed Eviction

  • $995Flat Fee
    • Flat fee for representing the landlord with a non-contested unlawful detainer (eviction) case in Burbank.
    • Includes researching, preparing, drafting the summons and complaint, filing, and requesting a default judgment.
    • Up to 3 serve attempts are included in this rate in the SFV. Court costs extra. Contact us for additional details and to begin your case.

$500 Eviction Package
for Burbank Landlords

Prefer a Do-It-Yourself Eviction?

Read about our special offers including:

$500 Eviction Package

$150 Termination Notice

…and more!

Don’t need full-service representation? With the DIY plan, you can save money by handling the case yourself, but feel confident knowing that the documentation was created by a landlord eviction attorney. Some companies have been advertising similar packages but the documents are often shoddy at best and drafted by “unlawful detainer assistants” or paralegals. With our service, your documents will be drafted by an experienced eviction attorney who handles cases for landlords on a daily basis. If you are comfortable handling your own eviction case, but want the peace of mind knowing that your paperwork was completed by an eviction attorney, this plan is the perfect fit for you. You’ll also receive a consultation with us for no additional fee.

Burbank Eviction Attorney

Eviction cases in the Burbank generally begin when a Burbank tenant owes a landlord money due to unpaid rent, the violation of a term of the rental agreement, or simply when the landlord no longer wishes to rent the unit. The Burbank tenant is served with a termination of tenancy notice by our local, Burbank  process server. If the Burbank tenant fails to move out by the expiration date specified in the termination notice, then a lawsuit is filed against the Burbank tenant. This lawsuit is known as an unlawful detainer.


Hire us as your Burbank eviction attorney today!


Burbank Eviction Lawyer

There has been an uptick in Burbank tenants trying to “game” the system by filing frivolous demurrers or other tactics to try and delay the ultimate removal of the Burbank tenant from the property. Therefore, it is important to reduce the Burbank tenant eviction delays. One way to minimize these types of Burbank eviction delays is to hire an aggressive Burbank eviction attorney who will be on top of the case from start to finish. Another way to minimize Burbank tenant eviction delays is to make sure the paperwork is drafted correctly the first time.

Tenant Eviction Burbank

We evict tenants from Burbank rental properties. If you need to evict a Burbank tenant, we offer a free consultation and can advise you on how to best proceed.  Some of the many questions we will be asking when you request a consultation for your Burbank tenant eviction case is:


  • Why do you want to evict a tenant in Burbank?
  • Have you attempted to evict the Burbank tenant previously?
  • Is the Burbank tenant behind in the rent?
  • Does the rental property contain any habitability concerns that may serve as a defense to the Burbank tenant eviction case?
  • Has your Burbank tenant filed any complaints with any government agencies?
  • Does your rental property contain any illegal construction, which may hinder the ability to evict the Burbank tenant?


It will suit you best to prepare for your free consultation with a pen and paper and answers to all of the above questions. The Burbank tenant eviction process is not an easy one, so the more information you provide at the beginning of your case, the more likely it will be to successfully evict the Burbank tenant from your property.


Contact us to receive your free Burbank tenant eviction consultation. We are a full-service Burbank eviction law firm representing landlords only with tenant eviction cases in Burbank. We believe you will be very happy when you hire us to become your Burbank eviction attorney – just look at our reviews!

$99 Legal Plan for Landlords
Burbank Eviction Attorney
Representing Landlords With Tenant Evictions in Burbank

Did you know that we offer a $99/month legal service plan for landlords? With this plan, you have access to our entire landlord/tenant form library, plus easy access to a landlord attorney at your fingertips. You also receive a free copy of the landlord best practices book and a 5% discount on attorney fees.

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