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Are you in need of a California landlord eviction attorney? This law office assists landlords only with eviction cases. We will guide you through the eviction process and assist you in removing your tenant.

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We offer landlords paid phone calls to discuss tenant eviction matters. You schedule the phone call at a time that is convenient to you and answer a few questions about the issue you are having with your tenant. We will review the form prior to our call and we will be ready to dive in and discuss together during the scheduled call without wasting a single minute.

$125 Per Month Landlord Plan

We offer a $125 per month legal service plan for landlords. With this plan, you receive up to 10 emails per month from an attorney (or until a total of 1 hour of attorney time is reached, whichever comes first). You also receive access to our entire landlord/tenant form library and a 5% discount on attorney fees in the event you need to file an unlawful detainer (eviction) against your tenant.

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