Household Goods Compliance Review and Safety Audit

Do You Have an Upcoming Household Goods Compliance Review? Prepare Now!

If you receive a notification of an upcoming compliance review, you should prepare well in advance.  This firm can perform a mock USDOT compliance review or safety audit wherein we will advise you on the rules and laws and point out both your strengths and weaknesses.

A Compliance Review may include some or all of the following: tariff review, contract review, insurance information, accident information, claims files, driver files, truck files, and more.

Regardless of a compliance review, you should always strive to comply with all the FMCSR’s and other rules governing interstate household goods transportation.  This firm will help educate you on these requirements.

Give us a call at (877) 875-6958 to get started. Contact us BEFORE you get fined with a violation.

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