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Saugus eviction attorney assisting clients with tenant evictions throughout Saugus and surrounding communities. This law office assists landlords only in eviction cases. We will guide you through the eviction process and assist you in removing your tenant. We represent landlords in both residential and commercial evictions throughout Saugus and the Santa Clarita Valley.

Here are some of the services we offer to landlords in Saugus.

Saugus Eviction Attorney

As a Saugus eviction law firm, we have seen several eviction cases in Saugus that deal with evicting a tenant from an illegal garage conversion. If you rented out a unit that is not permitted, the law can become exceedingly more complex and you should hire an eviction attorney immediately.  We can help.

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Eviction cases in Saugus generally begin when a tenant owes a landlord money due to unpaid rent, the violation of a term of the rental agreement, or simply when the landlord no longer wishes to rent the unit. The tenant is served with a termination of tenancy notice. If the tenant fails to move out by the expiration date specified in the termination notice, then a lawsuit is filed against the tenant.

The eviction process in Saugus usually takes 1.5 to 3 months to complete. Therefore, we suggest contacting us as soon as soon as you’re ready to begin the eviction process so that we can begin the process of getting your property back in your possession.

The law forbids landlords from using “self-help”, i.e., locking out a tenant or removing them by force. You may only remove a tenant by lawful means as described above.

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Tenant Eviction in Saugus

We evict tenants from Saugus rental properties. If you need to evict a Saugus tenant, we offer a consultation and can advise you on how to best proceed.  Some of the many questions we will be asking when you request a consultation for your Saugus tenant eviction case is:

  • Why do you want to evict a tenant in Saugus?
  • Have you attempted to evict the Saugus tenant previously?
  • Is the Saugus tenant behind in the rent?
  • Does the rental property contain any habitability concerns that may serve as a defense to the Saugus tenant eviction case?
  • Has your Saugus tenant filed any complaints with any government agencies?
  • Does your rental property contain any illegal construction, which may hinder the ability to evict the Saugus tenant?

It will suit you best to prepare for your consultation with a pen and paper and answers to all of the above questions. The Saugus tenant eviction process is not an easy one, so the more information you provide at the beginning of your case, the more likely it will be to successfully evict the Saugus tenant from your property.

Contact us to receive your Saugus tenant eviction consultation. We are a full-service Saugus eviction law firm representing landlords only with tenant eviction cases in Saugus. We believe you will be very happy when you hire us to become your Saugus eviction attorney – just look at our reviews!

$125 Per Month Landlord Plan

We offer a $125 per month legal service plan for landlords. With this plan, you receive up to 10 emails per month from an attorney (or until a total of 1 hour of attorney time is reached, whichever comes first). You also receive access to our entire landlord/tenant form library and a 5% discount on attorney fees in the event you need to file an unlawful detainer (eviction) against your tenant.

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